Kathryn Meister
Freelance Stage Manager


Diplomatic. Focused. Centered. Intuitive.

As a Stage Manager, I strive to find the balance between order and chaos. Theatre is such an organic and amazing art form and I firmly believe that a great Stage Manager knows how to step in with logic and safety and when to step back and let creativity flow. I find myself so lucky to have consistently worked since I moved to New York from Los Angeles in 2014 and I've met so many amazing artists and worked on some truly groundbreaking projects. I don't know what I would be doing with my life without theatre in it, but I can assuredly say that it would not be nearly as fun.


I grew up in the Los Angeles area and went to the University of Southern California, so I lived near downtown LA for about six years. In 2014, only two weeks after receiving my college degree, I had an apartment with roommates, a job, and two internships lined up before I even got on the plane to NYC with my belongings - it has been a whirlwind ever since. Within that first year, I worked on Boomerang's Shakespeare in the Park series, had my first paying professional gig, and my first New York Times review. Every year and every show brings fresh challenges and great opportunities, and I am always meeting new and amazing artists who inspire me every day. 


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